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A classic Italian soup that pays homage to nonna. Low in sodium and overflowing with vegetable and flavour. Organically harvested. Just heat and eat! Easy to heat and delicious to eat our minestrone soup is perfect straight from the can or it can be spruced up into a hearty meal. Add diced fish and shellfish or tofu and tempeh as you heat it for a classic Mediterranean fisherman’s stew. Top with Global Organic Mayo spread on toasted baguette slices.

Global Organics Minestrone Soup is a product of Germany and comes in a 400g BPA free can. Global Organics Minestrone Soup is certified organic, made with non GMO ingredients, a source of protein and fibre and it is vegan. This pasta free version of minestrone is perfect as it is or you can add to it and bulk it up into a meal for two to four very quickly.

Ingredients: Water, Carrots* (10%), Tomato Puree*, Potatoes* (8%), Peas* (7%), White Cabbage*(5%), Snap Beans* (4%), Leek* (4%), Onions (3%), Sunflower Oil*, Vegetable Stock* (sea salt, onions*, carrots*, leeks*, parsnip*, parsley*, turmeric*, garlic*, nutmeg*, lovage*, pepper*), Sea Salt, Guar Gum* (412), Parsley*, Pepper*, Lovage* *Organic Ingredients. May contain traces of gluten.

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