Meet The Farmers

M&M Trovato Biodynamic Farm
Muchea, WA
Demeter Cert No. 724

Mario & Michelle are a Demeter Certified Biodynamic farming family since 1984. They are dedicated to soil regeneration and the importance it plays on growing nutrient rich fresh produce and sustaining a healthy ecosystem; Mario and Michelle are a big supplier to the Little Big Store. Weekly fresh produce includes Kale, Lettuce, Pak Choy and Bok Choy, and a beautiful selection of seasonal favourites and heirloom varieties.

We are also lucky enough to have their amazing certified, biodynamic grass-fed beef which is prepared by a valued butcher and available in store and online to order. You won’t taste anything better!

Margaret River Biodynamics
Margaret River, WA
NAASA Cert. 6366

Mark and Pierra took their passion for gardening and leased a beautiful piece of boodjidup land to start their farm in the South West. They are NAASA Certified Biodynamic farmers growing 7 varieties of garlic. They hope to be able to educate people

to care more about what they eat, how they eat it, where it’s from and how it got to them. All our garlic in store and online is from Mark and Pierra.


Burnside Organic Farm
Margaret River, WA
Demeter Cert No. 743

Jamie and Lara have a Demeter Certified Biodynamic Farm in our beautiful south west. They share a passion organic agriculture, and winemaking and they now they have well established Avocado trees to accompany their successful vineyards. Expect to see their delicious avocadoes online and in store October to January.

Prime Organics
Donnybrook, WA
Cert No. AQ620057, IC620057

Joy, Jason and Fiona are fourth generational farmers on the same land 5km south east of Donnybrook. Established in 1939, the farm now covers over 300 ha producing a wide range of Certified organic fruit and eggs. They are proud supporters of the Willing Workers on Organic Farms initiative, helping bring the skills to farm organically to a wider range of people worldwide. They also actively support organic farming methods using their experience and research into sustainable commercial organic production to promote a healthier farming culture for our children’s future. Prime organics are our big supplier of Eggs, Apples, Nashi’s and Pears.


Building a Community!

We value our customers and love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries. We look forward to sharing this journey with you! You can visit us instore, online, and at Subiaco Markets or for the latest updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.