About Us

About Us

The Little Big Store is passionate about working closely with our Western Australian biodynamic and organic farming families and sourcing the freshest seasonal produce and a wide variety at affordable prices for our customers. We have a bricks and mortar store as well as offering an extensive online delivery service to majority of metro Perth.

Why seasonal and Certified organic?

Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables means we are nourishing our bodies with the best vitamins and nutrients on offer to protect and assist our bodies each season. It can take time for new customers to adapt to the fact that their favourite fruits and vegetables are not available year-round but embrace the challenge to eat and think differently.


Organic is a term that is over-used and often leads to confusion for consumers. Buying from Certified Organic and Biodynamic farmers supports the farmers who have spent time and energy ensuring the very best conditions from the soil up to grow your fruit and vegetables, as well as ensuring you that they have been tested and approved by an independent governing body so you know you are buying truly organic produce.

Why I feel so strongly about certification is that we are supporting the farmers who are supporting the earth with their farming practices, and the whole life cycle it embraces.

Quality and Range

The Little Big Store is committed to sourcing a big variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables and providing the freshest and best quality we can get for our customers.

We have complete transparency with our products and any fresh produce we can’t source locally will come in from interstate, so you are guaranteed that all your fresh produce is 100% Australian grown.

We offer a large range of meats, dairy items, breads, pantry items and bulk-foods all of which are Certified Organic, and a small selection of premium West Australian products like our Goats milk range which is top quality and direct from the farm. I visit these farms on a weekly basis and have built a good relationship with the farmers and can say their permaculture farm is as close to certified organic as they can get without official certification.

Building a Community!

We value our customers and love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries. We look forward to sharing this journey with you! You can visit us instore, online, and at Subiaco Markets or for the latest updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.