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Hemp seeds are a gift of nature. This small seed packs a huge nutritious punch and adds a lovely nutty texture to this spread. We’ve teamed it up with activated and organic sunflower seeds and pepitas, as well as a pinch of sea salt. We haven’t activated the hemp seeds we use as they do not contain any phytic acid and so don’t require activating.

What is activating?

Activation is basically the germination or sprouting of nuts and seeds.

We trigger the sprouting process by soaking our seeds in water, apple cider vinegar and salt for 24 hours. Our seeds are then drained, rinsed well and dried at low temperatures for up to 48 hours.

This entire process helps breakdown the phytic acid in the seeds which improves their digestibility and increases the nutrient absorption of minerals such as zinc, calcium and magnesium.

The drying process is carried out at low temperatures, this protects the heat sensitive oil content of the seeds, preventing the oils from going rancid which is what occurs when they are roasted at high temperatures.

Best of all, activation results in a seed that tastes so much better than its roasted counter part! The seed is much crunchier in texture and blends up into the most deliciously thick seed butter.


Organic activated pepitas, organic activated sunflower seeds, organic hemp seeds [25%] and sea salt.

May contain: other tree nuts and peanuts from processing line

Separation of natural oils may occur, simply give the seed butter a good stir before serving.

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