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A middle eastern favourite with a nod to it’s Greek heritage, this lentil soup is a wholesome low fat, vegan meal with an abundance of protein rich lentils and aromatic seasoned vegetables. Organically harvested. Just heat and eat! Easy to heat and delicious to eat our lentil soup is perfect straight from the can or it can be spruced up into a hearty meal. You can add a tin of Global Organic tomatoes and you have a simple lentil bolognaise to toss with pasta or bake into a lasagne. Or try adding some protein like leftover roast or diced tofu to your lentil soup as you warm it for a really hearty stew for four. Its a great soup, but its also a great meal starter.

Global Organics Lentil Soup is a product of Germany and comes in a 400g BPA free can. Global Organics Lentil Soup is certified organic, made with non GMO ingredients, a source of protein and fibre and it is vegan. Enjoy as it is or add fresh or frozen veggies to make more of a meal of this tasty and nutritious soup.

Ingredients: Water, Lentils (22%), Onions* Potatoes*,Tomato Puree*, Carrots, Leek*, Celeriac*, Maize Starch*, Vegetable Stock* (sea salt, onions*, carrots, leeks*, parsnip*, parsley*, turmeric*, garlic*, nutmeg*, lovage*, pepper*), Red Wine Vinegar*, Sunflower oil*, Guar Gum* (412), Raw Can Sugar*, Sea Salt, Carrot Juice Concentrate*, Garlic*, Lovage, Detrose*. *Organic ingredients.

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