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he table below illustrates the differences between conventional and organic yeast.

Production Bioreal yeast products Conventional yeast
Sugar source Organically farmed grain Molasses (primarily)
Nitrogen source Organically farmed grain, brewer’s yeast Ammonia (NH3),
ammonium salts
pH regulator No pH level regulation necessary Acids (e.g. sulphuric acid), lyes (e.g. caustic soda lye)
Processing and
growth substances
Sufficiently present in natural media Synthetic vitamins,
mineral salts
Antifoaming agent Organically farmed sunflower oil Synthetic antifoaming agent
Rinsing Unnecessary Two times
Waste water Raw material for further products Disposal difficult
Made without chemicals, with organic ingredients and in a totally ecologically sound way this Bioreal yeast is instant, needs no preparation and can be added directly to flour to make bread, pizza bases and other yeast based baking items. With the added benefit of being packed in 3 x 9g sachets it ensures your yeast stays fresh without having to throw out any left over yeast!

It does not contain emulsifier E491.

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