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Made from Australian-grown Lion’s Mane mushrooms

Your world is busy and stressful, with plenty of things fighting for your attention. Lion’s Mane medicinal mushrooms (aka. The Cognitive Enhancer) can help you focus and calm your nervous system.

Lion’s Mane can help with:

  • Mental well-being
  • Stimulate brain cell regeneration
  • Focus and memory


Not only that, they contain potassium, zinc, iron, and selenium, which can boost your wellbeing in lots of ways:

  •  Potassium is necessary for the normal functioning of all cells in the body
  • Zinc can support your immune system
  • Selenium is an essential selenoprotein — together with other enzymes and proteins, it may help protect cells from damage and infection

Made from Australian Lion’s Mane 

Many people have never heard of Lion’s Mane mushrooms. They’re white and shaggy, resembling a lion’s mane as they grow. Many mushroom sellers import from China, but at Touchwood Mushrooms, we grow our own.

That means we create the exact growing conditions needed to produce the most robust Lion’s Mane mushrooms on the market.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms contain a powerful polysaccharide called beta-glucan. It can  support your immune system and it has a powerful antioxidant.

Not only that, beta-glucan belongs to the group of prebiotics that may support good bacteria in the digestive system.

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