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Packed with nutrients the Incans were onto a good thing when they discovered these wonderful berries. Also known as the Cape Gooseberry, the Goldenberry and the Incan Berry.

Theses berries are native to parts of South American, including the Amazon. The fresh Incaberry is a glossy oris orange colour, related to the tomato, eggplant and potato. The South American cultures have been enjoying this indigenous fruit for centuries, as folk medicine and part of traditional cuisine. As with many of the unique and delicious foods from South America, we have finally caught on to the fantastic benefits this nutrient dense berry has to offer. These organic and preservative free dried Incaberries from Ecuador have a unique flavour; they are deliciously sweet with a fantastic sour hit in your mouth!

Why Incaberries are being called the new superfood:
They have more antioxidants than Goji berries, green tea and blueberries
More than twice or triple the dietary fibre of most dried fruits
High in protein
A 50-55g serve of Incaberries has more Potassium than a banana
Great levels of vitamin C and Phosphorus
Low levels of fat and sodium

No GMO. Preservatives & sulphur free. No added sugar or oils

Country of Origin
Product of Ecuador. Packed in Australia.
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