Vego Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Melts are a chocolate chip sized variation of extremely popular German chocolate bar Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar.

These beautiful button-sized melts have been specifically made for use in home baking and hot beverages, such as hot chocolate but if you want to eat them straight out of the bag…we won’t tell anyone!

Gluten Free
Soy Free
Wheat Free

Vego Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Melts contain only the finest, high-quality ingredients, such as fine Italian hazelnut paste and hazelnut cocoa cream, which along with the other ingredients, are all blended together by patented process. The result is Nutella-like nuggets (but without the animal-derived ingredients) of pure indulgence that complement any sweet baked treat!

Is Vego vegan?
Yes! As Vego is a vegan company, so are Vego Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Melts.

Where is Vego chocolate made?
While Vego’s headquarters is based in Berlin, the team behind Vego Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Melts make them with the finest chocolate and hazelnut paste in Italy.

Cane Sugar*, Hazelnut Paste* (20%), Cocoa Butter*, Cocoa Mass*, Emulsifier: Vanilla Extract*, Sunflower Lecithin*.
*Organic ingredient

Allergen Information:
Contains hazelnuts.

Wrapped in environmentally friendly packaging.

Product Origin – Germany

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