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Organic Times Blackstrap Molasses. The most concentrated and nutritious form of molasses. Made from the third and final boiling of the sugar cane syrup.

Blackstrap molasses is more bitter than regular molasses and with a more robust flavour. So, be mindful of substituting it 1:1 in your recipes. The strong flavour may be too bitter for your tastebuds. We love the pronounced taste! Great  in savoury dishes, as the bitterness of it is balanced by the sweetness in the recipe. Make your own baked beans, barbeque sauce, teriyaki marinade, etc. Alternatively, play with some sweeter treats such as gingerbread, bliss balls, smoothies, biscuits, etc.

* certified organic
* free from GMO’s
* palm-oil free
* no-dairy
* vegan friendly
* vegetarian
* gluten free

Ingredients: *Whole Cane Sugar.

*Ingredients certified organic. No use of GMOs.

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