Sources of Meat

Dandaragan Organic Beef

Provides Mondo with ACO Certified Organic Beef ACO Certification Number: 6103A

For over 100 years the Cook family have produced beef cattle on their historic property ‘Noondel’ which is situated in the fertile red gum country of Dandaragan. David and Joan Cook and their children decided to convert their two properties comprising of 7,300 acres to certified organic in 2000 in order to produce a healthier product in a more environmentally sustainable manner.

Enviroganic Farmes

Certified Organic Chicke Provides Mondo with OFC Certified Organic Chickens & Turkeys OFC Certification Number: 0428

Enviroganic farm’s founders Angus & Sonya Dowling carry on the commitment to the land that has been upheld by the Dowling family, who have been farming and caring for the environment in the pictureesque hill top region of Southern NSW since the 1840’s. There products are officially endorsed by Margaret Fulton who uses their products in all her poultry recipes.

Inglewood Farms Organic Chicken

Provides Mondo with ACO Certified Organic Chickens

Inglewood Farms is Australia’s leading producer of organic free-range chicken. We are dedicated to rearing premium quality chicken using strict certified organic farming methods. Whether you’re cooking for health or eating for pleasure, our birds are better for you. The taste and texture is superior, the meat lean and succulent. Our birds are able to forage freely on dedicated grass forage areas, living as nature intended with fresh air and sunshine.

The farm is located near Inglewood on the southern edge of the Darling Downs between Warwick and Goondiwindi. The region is supported by the expansive Coolmunda Dam and winding Macintyre Brook which attracts an abundance of native plants, wildlife and birds.

Keninup Pty Ltd

Provides Mondo with NASAA 6087 and NASAA 6150 Certified Organic lamb.

RJ Butler

Provides Mondo with NASAA 6006 Certified Organic Lamb.