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Considered one of the most exotic spices, used for centuries in the Middle East, saffron is known for its distinctive colour and smell. Saffron itself is the stigma of the Crocus Sativus flower and can only be harvested once per year by hand on the same morning the flowers open up. So as not to break the stigma. It can only be grown in certain climates and once picked needs to be dried carefully.

Due to the nature of the product and potential for fraud, an International Standards Organisation (ISO) code 3632 has been developed to categorise the quality of saffron, based on flavour, aroma and colour.

Our Spanish saffron is category 1, the highest grading available. On top of this, it is also certified organic.


Ingredients: 100% pure organic Spanish saffron threads.


How to Use:

Saffron is used in all types of cuisine, from Middle Eastern, to Indian to European (in particular Paella).

Depending on the flavour or colour you want for your dish, usually you would only use a few threads at a time, so one bottle should last for a few meals.

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