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Cacao is a sacred medicinal and spiritual plant that has been used by mesoamerican civilisations for centuries. It is a pure form of chocolate that within it holds the energy of “mumma cacao”, an energy that works through the heart to open and transform. She brings with her gifts of love, compassion, acceptance, creativity and flow.


In bringing her into you your body she gently weaves her way through you and into your energy and consciousness. Inviting you on a journey of the heart.


Our cacao is ethically and sustainably sourced as well as ACO certified and is grown and farmed by a cooperative of organic farmers in Peru, where the cacao is grown in its original habitat. This ensures the highest and purest quality in our cacao as well as promoting favourable living conditions and lifestyle for the famers and their families.


We have been so blessed to have cacao in our lives and drink it on a regular basis to promote creativity and give us a natural pick me up through a sense of joy and connection. We have also brought cacao into our lives through ceremony in order to deepen our connection and prepare us for receiving through the heart. It is a gentle yet powerful tool for meditation, connection or simply to have you start your day in a loving and positive  way.


Each bag of cacao also comes with a recipe card with recommended doses and ways to prepare it.


Nutritional chart (for the pure cacao not including the extras of coconut milk etc for a drink).



Per Serve (10g)

Per 100g
Energy 270kJ 2703kJ
Protein 1.5g 15g
Fat-total 5.3g 53g
– saturated 3.2g 32g
– cholesterol 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 2.8g 28g
– sugars 0.3g 3g
– dietary fibre 1.1g 11g
Sodium 2.0mg 20mg
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