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The aroma, taste, bitterness of lemons are all concentrated into this oil. Made by cold pressing the lemon peel where all the delicious flavours are found, Lecker’s Lemon oil is completely different to using lemon juice, having a far greater concentration of lemon flavour, they are also simple to use. Add the amount of lemon oil you need to give the desired flavour, usually  2-4 drops in a typical dish.

Because these lemon oils are made from the lemon peel we strongly recommend that you use organic oil. This ensures there are no chemicals or pesticides that are on the skins of conventional fruit are concentrated in your oil from the pressing process.

Ingredients: Pure organic cold-pressed lemon oil from organic farming

One unit is 4 x 2ml individually sealed vials

How to Use

You can add lemon oil to your wet cake mix to reduce the amount of zest you need to use, or replace the zest entirely. The recipes are really up to you, you can add 2 drops to your salad dressing, or 2 drops to your tea.


It is based on individual taste.

Usually you would use 2-4 drops in a recipe.

For tea – 2 drops

For salad dressing – 2 drops

For cakes 2-4 drops


Suitable For: Organic, vegan, gluten, lactose free diets



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