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Global Organics Mayonnaise is a thick, creamy condiment that adds a richness to sandwiches, dips or dressings. Made from free range eggs it contains no refined sugar and is sweetened with organic honey. Mayonnaise is know as one of the French ‘Mother sauces’ and is the base for many culinary creations. Aioli sauce simply adds garlic to mayo. Sauce Nicoise includes the addition of tomato paste, capsicum and garlic. Russian mayo includes caviar, cream and dill while Caesar dressing has Worcestershire, anchovies, parmesan and capers. Tartare sauce includes lemon, gherkins, capers and herbs. Thousand Islands includes tomato sauce. Cocktail sauce adds worcestershire, lemon and tomato sauce. The possibilities are endless with a good jar of mayo in your arsenal.

Features & Benefits

Global Organics Mayonnaise is sourced from The Netherlands and packed in a resealable 300g glass jar to keep contents fresh. Global Organics Mayonnaise is certified organic, gluten free, non GMO and nut free. Made with whole organic free range eggs and sweetened with honey for a healthier but decadently rich and creamy mayo.


Sunflower Oil*, Water, Free Range Eggs*, Mustard* (mustard seed*, water, vinegar*, sea salt), Honey*, Vinegar*, Sea Salt, Lactic Acid (270), Spices*. *Certified Organic

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