Global Organics Passata Di Pomodoro is made from the finest, organically-grown Italian tomatoes which are harvested and bottled immediately. Passata is an Italian staple that forms the base of more recipes than we can name. The start to a simple Napoli sauce or a hearty slow cooked ragu. It is also perfect for pizzas, stews, soups or braises. You can top cooked polenta with Napoli and cheese before baking or lay cannelloni into it. It is a must for parmigiana and polpettine (Italian meatballs). But passata is versatile and is just as good in any cuisine. A base for tomato soups, Mexican dishes or Spanish paella – it?s up to you.

Global Organics Passata Di Pomodoro is made in Italy and comes in a 680g glass jar with a BPA free lid. Global Organics Passata Di Pomodoro is certified organic, non GMO, vegan and a source of fibre. It is gluten free and contains no added sugar or salt. Simply put passata is crushed tomatoes with no seeds or skin. The perfect pasta or pizza sauce, soup, stew or meal base.
Ingredients: Tomatoes*. *Certified Organic.
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