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Melrose Flaxseed Oil is cold-pressed from Australian-grown flaxseeds. Flaxseed oil has one of the highest concentrations of plant-based essential fatty acid omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and is an excellent vegan alternative to fish oil.
Melrose was the ‘first in flax’, producing the first bottle of flaxseed oil for the Australian market over 30 years ago.
Flaxseed oil is a delicate oil that is sensitive to heat and light. To enable this product to be stored at room temperature and retain the nutritional profile, it undergoes a specialised fine-filtration process to remove any naturally occurring substances which can contribute to spoilage.

– Good source of omega-3 fatty acids
– Improves general health and wellbeing
– Contains phytosterols that can minimise the absorption of cholesterol in the diet
– Nourishes the skin and improves hair health

How To Use:

Can be taken straight, used in salad dressings, added to smoothies or drizzled over vegetables or your favourite breakfast.
Melrose Australian Flaxseed Oil has a creamy, nutty and slightly bitter taste.

Ingredients: 100% Australian Flaxseed Oil

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