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Please Note: if this size and or brand of egg is unavailable we will provide the next closest alternative.  All of our eggs are Certified Organic/Biodynamic.  If you do not wish for us to replace please note this at checkout.

  • Our chickens are free ranging in our organic orchard pastures. They are pasture feeders with access to insects and organic grain daily. They’re protected by Maremma guardian dogs.
  • The organic pastures in the orchard are managed with organic mineral fertilizers, compost and compost teas to enhance the soil microbes. Only natural organic liquid fertilizer is sprayed seasonally on the fruit trees leaves to enhance their nutritional health. Our orchard is Certified Organic with AUS-QUAL. (AQ610048)
  • The eggs are collected daily from our specialised mobile chicken houses. They’re washed, graded, weighed and hand packed in our Packhouse ready for market fresh from our farm.

About Prime Organics

Four generations of our family have lived and worked on our farm 5 km south east of Donnybrook. Situated in the heart of the Geographe fruit growing region in Western Australia, approx 200km south of Perth.

Established in 1939, our farm has grown from its humble beginnings to cover 300 ha producing a wide range of Certified organic fruit – apples, pears, plums, peaches, nashi, organic free range eggs and beef.

The Twin Apple Packhouse is the center of our farm, we carefully select & pack all our own fruit and eggs ensuring the high quality of our produce is maintained throughout so you receive your produce in perfect condition every time.

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