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This powdered supplement is Australia’s most potent medicinal mushroom supplement. All the benefits of our six Touchwood Mushroom species!

Touchwood 6 Blend powder contains 100% fruit body (real mushrooms and no filler) of some of our favourite fungi.

6 Blend is packed with Australian-grown Turkey Tail and Lion’s Mane and conscientiously imported Cordyceps, Chaga, Maitake and Reishi mushrooms.

Reach for it if you’re looking for a general health and wellness boost.

Cordyceps contains for high levels of antioxidants and beta-glucans, which can boost energy and stamina

Chaga is a nutrient-dense super food and has been linked to supporting healthy ageing by reducing ‘bad cholesterol’ and helping maintain heart health

Maitake contains powerful antioxidants — flavonoids, phenols, and a-tocopherol — which may support immunity and reduce inflammation

Reishi (aka the Herb of Immortality) has been used for centuries to stimulate immunity, fight fatigue, and lower stress

Turkey Tail has been reported to support digestion, provide antioxidant support, and is an approved addition to standard cancer treatment across Asia

Lion’s Mane (aka the Cognitive Enhancer) can help boost mental clarity, focus, and mental clarity

Shiitake is a great all-rounder for general wellbeing, but early research shows it can support immunity (thanks to high levels of copper and beta-glucans), reduce inflammation, and support heart health

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